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LG Washer Repairs Sandton

If you are in Sandton My and experiencing  LG top loading washing machine showing E6 error code. The LG washing machine will not run or wash on any cycle. LG Washer will not spin or work at all. Does the error code or fault code identify which part is bad? We need the correct procedure to clear the LG washer error code E6. We always assist on parts needed or a quick fix for the top loading LG washer.

 If you are capable of working on your Lg washer repairs Sandton alone you may as well follow our guideline below for step by step repair when your Lg washer is not working. Listed are the most causes of a washing machine to stop working or draining water etc.

LG Top Load Washer Error Code E6 – How To Fix


Most common fast fix for LG error E6:

These are the most common things which easily damage your LG washing machine; An item such as a coin or paperclip has jammed in the washer between the drum and the pulsator, remove the item.

It could be that the motor has overheated and you simply need to wait until it cools down.

If there is an item jammed in the washing machine drum:

Check with flashlight to see if there is anything jammed in the drum and preventing it from spinning freely.

If you find a coin or other object that is jamming the drum, remove it with a pair of pliers and test the washer. Even though it is strongly advised to call for professional appliance technicians for your LG washing machine repairs.  Repair paradise Technicians are friendly, respectable and available in Sandton for your assistance.

 LG washer Repairs Sandton



  • how to repair lg washer motor overheat – wait till motor cools down
  • lg washer jammed drum – remove foreign objects to clear error codereset



Finding the right Lg washer repairs sandton technician has become easy, sometimes  If the LG washer error code E6 appears means the motor has overheated, simply wait an hour or so for it to cool down and try doing a test wash cycle to see if the problem was only an overheated motor.
If the washer has no objects jamming it or the motor has not overheated, you will need to troubleshoot if either the clutch or motor has a fault. Depending on your LG model number, this may be one part or two = Clutch Motor Assembly or Motor and Clutch.

Lg Washer Troubleshooting

The Steps Will Help troubleshooting Your Lg Washing Machine

The E6 error is telling you that the clutch is causing the error or fault.
This fault can happen if a paperclip, nail, coin, or a different object is jammed in between the tub and pulsator.

To clear the E6 error code on a top load LG washer:

  1. Take out all clothing or towels from the washer.
  2. Use a flashlight or torch and visually check the bottom of the washer drum.
  3. Look for the seam that is between the pulsator and the drum.
  4. Check to see if objects are jammed in the seam and causing the washer to not spin.
  5. Many times there will be a nail, a coin, or paperclip jammed in between them.
  6. If you see an object jammed between the drum and pulsator, remove it with a tool such as a pair of pliers or needle nose.
  7. Once the object is removed, do a test wash to see if the washer is now working and the error code is cleared.

If you troubleshoot your LG top load washer and find that you need parts such as a motor, clutch, or other part to fix the washer, see below for all LG top load washer parts that you may need to fix your broken washer.


LG Top Load Washing Machine Parts

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 different type models of LG top load washers. See the 2 videos below for “How to dissasemble and repair” the 2 different types and to see the difference.


LARGER LG TOP LOAD WASHER – LG Top-Load Washer Disassembly – Washing Machine Repair

If you need some help fixing or troubleshooting your LG top loader washer with the E6 error code, please leave a comment or question below and we will write back with an answer to help you to fix your washer yourself.

These steps For washing Machine Errors can help Your LG Washer Repairs In Sandton

LG washer failure error code F01 and F02 appears on the digital display:
Press the start/pause button to cancel the failure code and start the program

LG washer failure error code F03 appears on the digital display:
Switch the washer off and Check if drain pump is blocked or drain hose is kinked

LG washer failure error code F04 to F07 appears on the digital display:
Switch the washer off and select the desired programme

LG washer failure error code “F24” Water level reaches overflow level:
-Press “Start/Pause” key and feed water
-Select and start required program. If fault occurs again, remove power

If a failure code “UNB” (UNBALANCED) appears on the display:

-Switch the washer off and rearrange the clothes
-Select the spin programme and start; if the fault persists, unplug the washer

Need help? Please contact Us your model number and error code and we will send a technician to assist you in clearing any error codes you may get.

LG washer failure error code F13 appears on the digital display:
-Check whether the door is closed or not and press the start/pause button
-Start program for 20 sec and unlock the washer door
-(PTC) to check whether the door is closed
-Open or close it again
-After fault is removed, press “Start/Pause” key. If fault occurs again remove power
-Door Lock faulty

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